Colorful * 2019/21


This series of paintings is about the colors and spontaneity. The chosen colors, the moment of painting and spontaneously intuition about rolling the color on canvas are deciding about what is happening and creating. However, the result is always a surprise. Sometimes I add some written poetry in the texture of the paint or adjust it with some abstract lines or new layers. The best part of this series is that I feel completely free and I follow the flow of the intuition and inspiration, to complete the artworks. I feel myself like a taster of freedom, caught as a slave of inspiration. Well, however confused it sounds; The feeling of the creation is just great and I hope you enjoy in it as much as I am. Thank you for your attention!

The Wave * acrylic painting on canvas , framed * 104x74x4cm * made in Berlin in 2020

This artwork is an abstract portrait of a wave. The wave in the sense of water or in a symbolic sense. The wave can be an emotional or intellectual movement. This panting is now on sale! Do not hesitate to contact me directly or visit online gallery Singulart, clicking HERE.

Crossing * acrylic painting on canvas, framed * 104x74x4cm * Made in Berlin in 2020

Crossing people, crossing moments, crossing emotions, crossing colors… This painting is now on sale online! Contact me directly or visit online gallery Singulart for more info and more photos of this artwork, clicking HERE.

Waterfall * acrylic painting on canvas , framed * 104x74x4 cm * Made in Berlin in 2020

Waterfall is a symbolic painting of an abstract landscape, capturing an abstract waterfall, which actually came out of my interpretation, cause painting the picture I was not aware of what is happening. I was just following the inspiration and the colors and this is what came out and as I fist saw the result, it was a waterfall for me. But actually is it an abstract painting and everybody should feel free to see in it whatever comes. Cheers! I hope you enjoy it and if you would like to buy this painting or see more photos of it, please visit Singulart Gallery, clicking HERE. Thank you!

Colorful abstraction * acrylic painting on canvas * 100x70cm * made in Berlin in 2019

With this painting started actually this colorful abstractions series and it was made with idea to throw out all the emotions of that moment, well, of the day, of the week, of the month.. However, feeling the moment and the position of the soul at that moment and following it in order to create, can be magic. This artwork is already sold.

“Sunset at seaside” came out spontaneously without actually wanted to be a sunset. Bringing intuitively the colors on the canvas and spreading it around on it, brought me to the sunset at seaside. Maybe because my subconscious desire is to have summer again and see my family after all this long time. Because of corona virus we were not able to travel and visit my family since last summer. However, I love summer and I look forward for my next sunset at seaside. This artwork is now on sale online at Singulart Gallery. Welcome to see more photos of this painting at Singulart Gallery, clicking HERE.

Well, it seems that the seaside is following me. This painting has also spontaneously brought me to the sea again. I called it “Kimm”, because I just found out that this is another word for a horizon on the sea, in german. Skyline that is built with the sea has some magic definitely and this magic came on the canvas, when I was rolling the colors on the canvas. This artwork is already SOLD. Welcome to CLICK HERE to read more about it at Singulart Gallery, where you can also see more photos of the artwork.

Welcome to learn more about this painting and see more photos from different angles, clicking HERE – Singulart Gallery.

This artwork is now on sale online at Singulart gallery. Welcome to click HERE, to read a description about this painting and view more photos and details about this artwork.