Experimental 2020/…


This series of artworks is actually full of surprises; composed by artworks made with total spontaneous inspiration and intuitive creation. These paintings are often combined with collage or other mixed media and objects glued on canvas, for example clothes or sand. There are no rules or fixed idea or concept, just free creativity and feelings.

Sweet fragments * collage with acrylic painting and varnish on canvas, framed * 54x54cm * made in 2021

Sweet fragments” is a decorative abstract collage painting that puts us in a good mood and brings a dynamic but soft atmosphere into the house. The abstract composition with collage paper and soft colors of several layers tells us different abstract stories of freer interpretation. We can easily lose ourselves in the picture and enjoy it over and over again, rediscover and reinterpret it. Would you like to have this interesting unique artwork on your wall? Do not hesitate to contact me directly, or learn more about this artwork presented at Singulart online gallery, clicking HERE.

Magic Shirt * Acrylic colors, shirt and varnish on canvas * 80x100cm * made in 2020

Art can be always freely interpreted, but oft people ask me what I see in my artworks. Well, this piece is for me about that magic moments in life, when silence and peace mean the happiness. Sometimes are not success and action in life that bring us freedom and peace, but that small moments of being alone with our soul and pure existence, not thinking, worrying or planning something but just existing and feeling the breath. If you would like to see more pictures about this artwork, please feel welcome to contact me directly or visit the Singulart gallery, where this artwork is also available to buy, clicking HERE.

Galactic piece of Dream * acrylic colors on canvas * 50x40cm * made in 2020

This artwork is a spontaneous experiment of intuitive inspiration. Abstract motifs are mixed with the conceptual settings and together conjure up a new atmosphere that is associated with universe. Where is the time going? .. Maybe everything is just a dream?.. What is important here for me are not the answers, but the questions that one asks in life.. There are some questions that you cannot answer with the words, but you can try maybe with a picture or music.. Well, this painting is one of that questions/answers. This artwork is not available to buy anymore, but you are welcome to see more photos of it at online gallery Singulart, clicking HERE.

Circles in life * Collage, sand and acrylic colors on canvas * 80x60cm * made in 2020 in Berlin

“Circles in life” is a conceptual, experimental and semi-abstract painting, with figurative icons. This artwork symbolizes cycles in life that determine one or repeatedly lead to the experiences or situations in life that lead us to the same conclusions or the same challenges or maybe the same mistakes that we make in life. It can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing if we costly repeat our mistakes or keep disappointing ourselves and the people around us. Circles in a woman’s life can also symbolize the monthly period during which every woman feels weak, but at the same time powerful for the ability that this brings her. The circles can maybe just be the routine that we do every day, walking past the same places, getting up at the same time, dealing with the same people … So in the end, everyone can interpret the circles in life for themselves , there is no right or wrong interpretation of this picture. This artwork is now on sale online at Singulart art gallery. Welcome to get more info and see more pictures clicking HERE.

This painting is speaking about a poet and the red wine, which inspires him and makes him speak easily about the truth and the world and emotions and thoughts… However, red wine is a quite often the company of a poet or a painter,.. so I wanted to capture this in this artwork. This painting is now on sale online at Singulart Gallery. Welcome to click HERE for more info and more pictures of this artwork.