Second chance * 2021/22


In this series we find artworks that are painted over and then given a new life and story, a new possibility as artwork. Hence this title. The pictures are chosen spontaneously and partially covered with tape while painting. Finally the tape is removed and the result is always a surprise. There’s no way to know in advance how it will end up, as some areas are covered. It’s a game of inspiration and spontaneity, with the element of surprise and different levels, layers and stories coming together in a new but recycled story.

This artwork is about a person staring into the future. But sometimes in life, looking to the future is like looking to the past. You learn in life from experiences and emotions, from your own decisions and from the people from the area and society where you live. The decisions of the past define a person and influence the decisions of the future. The obstacles of a future can sometimes be the obstacles of a past. Life is like playing chess. Every movement can change everything. What is important is how you react in different situations in life and how you can go through the difficult times and deal with the consequences of the decisions. In the image one can feel different layers and dimensions where one engages through the past and present with a visionary future and gets to tell the story of this woman. To learn more info about this artwork and see more photos of it, click HERE.

This artwork is now available online at Singulart Gallery. To learn more about this painting and see more pictures about it, welcome to CLICK HERE.

This artwork is now available online at Singulart Gallery. To learn more about this painting and see more photos of it, please visit it at the Gallery, clicking HERE.

This picture is about freedom. But what is freedom? Freedom can have different definitions or meanings for different people. Most talk about freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of choice.. And what is freedom for you? Some people are so afraid of freedom, some never get enough of it. But from what? Freedom is an emotion that we can feel with our body, and freedom is also a definition that arises rationally in our thoughts from our own needs and can change again and again. The most interesting thing about this subject is that we can probably never really define it objectively because it can be so broad, so relative, so personal and so diverse. This poetic and philosophical work of art speaks to us to reflect on freedom and to keep reminding ourselves that as human beings we are different and to guarantee freedom we must all respect each other. This artwork is now online at Singulart gallery. To see more pictures about this painting, CLICK HERE.

This artwork has different layers and different stories that connect. We see a hidden piano behind the woman’s face and blue reflections. It feels like the woman is staring at us, but in the story, she’s staring at a piano through a blue window. Who plays the piano? Has she seen anyone or does she have a special memory of it? Everyone is free to continue the story and freely interpret it. Works of art should open the soul and stimulate creativity, bring imagination to life and bring joy to people. More pictures of this artwork you can find at Singulart Gallery, clicking HERE.

This artwork is about a Christmas moment where a woman looks up and loses her thoughts in a snowfall. Christmas is a special time of the year when many people, consciously or unconsciously, think about what they want in life, what their desires are, and about the people they love. Family, friends.. But some people feel alone and have no one to share the joy of Christmas with. Well, Christmas doesn’t mean joy and happiness for all people, for some people Christmas is the hardest day of the year. At Christmas, our soul asks us if we are really happy, and that’s exactly the question this woman asks herself. Of course, the picture can also be freely interpreted and everyone can feel and see a story of this woman in different ways. This painting is now on sale online at Singulart gallery. To see more pictures of this artwork, welcome to CLICK HERE.

This artwork is about people who try so hard in life to archive something, prove something, win something, but never succeed. Or because they are weak, or because of political problems, or because of their gender, or because of their religion, or because of economic problems, or because of time problems, they always lose, or they are always left behind. Our world is full of competition and injustice. In real life, the strong and powerful always win, not the good guys like in the movies. And this symbolic portrait of an emotional woman behind the raw ribbons of poetry reminds us to keep our eyes open and be compassionate and polite to everyone we meet. This is a symbolic explanation of this picture, but of course you can also freely interpret the picture. This artwork is now on sale online at Singulart gallery. To see more pictures of it, welcome to CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this artwork.


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