Poetry 2020/21


This artwork is a symbolic story from a surrealist dream. We all dream, but some people can lost themselves in daydreaming more easily as other people.. Well, I guess many artists and poets are big dreamers and love it to get lost in imagination and phantasy worlds. Our mind is a spectacular space, where we can create amazing worlds. Welcome to learn more about this painting, clicking HERE.

This artwork is about the moment of inspiration. When the artist takes the brush and start to paint. But every person can and should be creative and feel and experience these emotions and creative energy. Creativity brings joy into life and is also beneficial for health. And this artwork speaks about this moment of inspiration in life, in which you can feel creativity and be inspired. This painting was actually started in 2013 and then changed and finished in 2021. More info and more pictures of this piece of art you can find on Singulart art gallery, clicking HERE.

This work of art is a symbolic visual poem. The way through the tunnel .. in the dark with hope and gratitude, is the power of art. Different layers of colors and curves, conjure up the mysterious atmosphere of poetry. Welcome to learn more about this painting and see more pictures of the artwork, clicking HERE.

This artwork is about the magical forest, full of magical stories.. The enchanted colors create a magical atmosphere that takes us into the world of fairy tales. A walk into the future or into the past, a conversation with birds and a consultation with mushrooms.. in this forest everything is possible and nothing is forbidden. Freedom and spiritual travel reminds us of the power of nature and our connection to it. If you are interested to learn more about this painting and see more photos of this artwork, welcome to CLICK HERE.