Open Dice 2012/13

By artist • acrylic colours, Collage, Installations, mirror, Statues • 18 Jan 2013

This sculpture is about human society game in which we all live. Is something you can not escape out. Everywhere you will be in this world, somehow you will belong to this game. The dice is an open cube made by quality canvas panels, glued together with collage of newspaper pages and other photographs on paper, after painted with acrylic colors and spray. Six sides of this cube/dice are presenting different parts/landscapes of this game. There we have image of the Earth itself on the chessboard which is actually other side from the number One of the dice. Then there is survival/evolution part where we can see images from the food, man and woman, reproduction..this part belongs to the number Two of the dice. Number Three is art and artists as a special part of the society game. Other side of number Four of the dice is taken by images of nature and animals as most innocent part of the society game. Then there is number Five, filled by images about politics, money and religion. There is a small dice glued at this part because this part is also the one that bureaucratically directs the rules of the game on the Earth. As number Six there we have the Moon and the Sun as parts of the Universe where we all belong with our Earth and our games. As it is all connected, so our planet is actually directed by the universe. Puzzles made by cardboard and than painted are symbols of particular lives of individuals in this common life of humanity. Just like bricks, witch is actually another symbol of the society that is repeated in different art works throw different periods.

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