The FiLm 2013/14

By artist • Collage, Video art • 9 Dec 2013

“Just because Love here is not enough?” is a first long length movie by Veronika Ban & friends, produced by No Budget, Full Spirit Production in Berlin. It is speaking about society we live in and relationships between persons, trying to make people reflect about values that we give to love, art, money, family, spirituality… This movie project started in June 2013 and it was completed in November 2014 with the need to be finished. As nobody of participants is a professional movie maker or actor, the project is based on improvisation and spontaneous acting regarding the written script of the film. Some days after this movie was finished, we got an idea to make a new one. This time with an exclamation mark in the title: “Just because sex here is not enough!” We are planning to do it with more action and dynamism, but keeping the thematic about our absurd society.



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