Circus Car Project 2012

By artist • painting cars • 12 Aug 2012

In April 2012 I went with my daughter to visit my friends in Barcelona. For me this trip was important and emotional, as I did not return to Barcelona since I was living there 9 years ago. I met there people from Domo Sapiens Circus. Same year in summer, they arrived to Berlin and collaboration was born. Caravan Circus Project happened then in August 2012 : Painting – spraying the living-car of my circus artists / friends Mr.Plopf (first car) and Mr. Tony (second car).
To know more about this circus please visit their web site:
Domo Sapiens Circus website
To see some videos from circus performances, please click on links below:
Video 1 from performance in Berlin, Summer 2012
Video 2 from performance in Berlin, Summer 2012
Video 3 from performance in Berlin, Summer 2014

auto paWork in progress… just begin. auto1The Traveller and Flourishing Flower Symbol of Eternity on first side is finished!auto pWork in progress at night..And “See Sea” is finished!

auto pai


auto sky

auto 1 details

auto3At the front side of the car we see symbol of Amor, which is often used in Matteo´s performances.

auto4Back of the car is simply turned out as promotional and fun side of the caravan.

Second painted Car is from Mr.Tony, a musician who works for Domo Sapiens Circus:

auto5Puzzles with details of different circus personalities. Puzzles here are used as a symbol of moments in life which just together bring the real picture, or like a cabaret show for example where different artists brings together the show … auto painting

auto paint





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