Woman World 2012

By artist • acrylic colours, Collage, on canvas • 13 Mar 2012

“Woman World” is symbolic title for this series of artworks where pregnant woman appears with the image of the world. I guess, to have a first child is one of biggest experience of every woman / mother. But looking at it as a simple fact of reproduction, it can provoke paradoxical circumstances of feelings.

Artworks from this series were to date exhibited at these exhibitions:
– Solo exhibition at Castel Statenberg in Makole, Slovenia, June 2012
– Solo exhibition at Kunstfabrik in Berlin, Germany, August 2013
– Solo exhibition at Dija┼íki Dom in Maribor, Slovenia, September 2015

Bio Clock
“Bio Clock”
Collage painting with acrylics, mirror, crayones, charcoal and photo on canvas.
Berlin 2012

pregnant worldd copy
Collage painting with mirror, photo and acrylics on canvas.
Berlin 2012.

pregnant DIAMOND copy
Collage painting with fotos, mirror, acrylics, diamond and pencil on canvas.
Berlin 2012

pregnant HOME copy
Collage painting with prints, crayons and acrylics on canvas
Berlin 2012

pregnant LIFE copy
Collage painting with crayons and acrylics on canvas.
Berlin 2012


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