The Traveller 2007

By veronika • Statues • 2 Jun 2007

This project started in 2007 in Venice with a painting about traveling and the vehicles we use for transport in everyday life. Later on the project of The Traveller continued as sculpture, connecting this concept of vehicles with the notion that a human being is a traveller that is always in motion. Humans move not only in a physical way but also through mental activities such as thinking or dreaming. And motion is always connected with time and space. They are actually the frames through which we as human beings perceive our lives. So The Traveller here becomes the symbol of human being race.


However, the human being here is presented as a man constructed with bricks and in one hand he holds the world, and in the other hand he has a suitcase. This suitcase can be a symbol of our society, history, our background and all that we always carry with us wherever we go. Traveller’s head is presented as a big spiral which is a symbol of moving and living. The floor on which the Traveller stands is a black and white chessboard that symbolizes life as a game of decisions, points of view, good and bad, continuing confrontation with others and ourselves.


Two sculptures were made, the smaller one of which was started in 2007 in Venice and finished then there in 2008 is made of cardboard, paper, glue, acrylic colors, polystyrene, wood and wax. It’s about 60cm high.


The big sculpture was started in 2009 and it’s still work in progress. It’s about 250cm high and made of cardboard, glue, newspaper, balloon, wire, textile, wood, pieces of mirrors and acrylic colors.




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